Caring for our Sick and House bound

From the earliest times in the Church when people are sick it has been the custom to pray for them and anoint them with Blessed oil.
In the 1970’s the sacrament was renewed. Instead of being ‘extreme unction’ an anointing given only when death was expected, it was offered much more readily to anyone who was sick in any way. 
Sometimes this Sacrament can be  seen as only given to those in danger of death. Instead of being an aid to recovery,

Who should receive it? 
Any Catholic who is sick may receive the sacrament. It is appropriate, for example, before a person goes in for major surgery or a course of radio-therapy.
The sacrament helps us put our trust in the loving God. It can bring peace at a very stressful time.

What it involves 
The Sacrament, which is administered by a priest, involves the anointing of the sick person with oil, a symbol of strengthening. Appropriate prayers a short reading and a blessing are given. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes. If you wish to go to confession this may also be celebrated at the same time.
You may also wish to receive Communion at the same time.

First Friday Communion call: If you or a member of your Family are house bound you can also arrange for a communion call on the first Friday of the month. When one of the Pastoral team will call with Holy Communion.


House Blessing: If you would like to have your home and Family Blessed the Pastoral team are only too happy to facilitate with a liturgy in your home.

If you are arranging this for someone else, don’t spring it on them.
Make sure they are comfortable with the idea of someone from the Pastoral team visiting them.
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