Confirmation is a very important day for you as Family and a Great celebration for the Parish.
When you presented your child for Baptism, you expressed the desire for your child to become a Christian and a member of the Catholic Church. During these years you have helped you child grow to know and love God our Father, Jesus His Son and the Holy Spirit. You made the choice for them spoke on their behalf. Now the time has come for them to speak for themselves and become full members of the Church.

To help them make this important decision they will receive a preparation over the academic year.
This preparation will be three-fold, Home, School, Church.

Additionally, there will be three evening meetings were the candidates receive further instruction delivered with the help of the parents. This part of the programme depends on the parents volunteering and been available for three training sessions. All volunteers will need Garda Vetting.

An information meeting will be held at the beginning of the academic year for all Parents/ Guardians and enrolment for confirmation is essential. Please complete the form below.





The school will follow the Diocesan programme ‘Grow in love 6/7’ as per the primary curriculum. A section of this programme is set aside for confirmation candidates.


As Parents, you will continue to support your child with their school word, and Faith development. You will also continue to partake in parish activities suggested in this programme. This includes the regular participating in the sacrament of reconciliation and Sunday Mass.



With the support of the school, the Pastoral team will deliver, monthly catechesis centred on the sacrament of confirmation. The candidates will attend weekday mass at least once a month that they will prepare. The confirmation class will partake in three daytime retreats during the year.

Confirmation Enrolement.