The Parish congratulates you on  your decision to get married and offers its continued support to you as you journey together.
Your marriage is a visible sign of God’s love among us.

The Sacrament enriches your lives in a very special way but it also enriches the parish community in which you will live. You become witnesses for Marriage to all with whom you make contact. Your parents, family members, friends, colleagues and neighbours celebrate your entry into Marriage and by their attendance at your wedding ceremony offer their continued support to you for your future.

Your decision to get married is a sign of your love and of your desire to be together as husband and wife. The Parish in helping you to prepare for your Marriage is privileged to be part of your journey and offers you its continued support throughout your married life.

We are sure there are many questions you have about your wedding and want to get started planning for the big day.
As Church we require a minimum of three months’ notice. That is why a meeting with one of the Pastoral team is crucial.
Please complete the form below and one of the team will get back to you.
Congratulations on your decision we look forward to meeting with you..


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