Daily Mass Readings.

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Reflections and Prayers.

Stations of the Cross

Reflection on the Stations of the Cross.
Recorded on Good Friday April 2020.
The Pastoral Team Blessington Parishes and Fr. Joe Connolly,
Administrator Ballymoe Eustace.

The Angelus.

The Angelus prayer is a famous Catholic devotion, said 3 times each day: at dawn, noon, and dusk.
It recounts the message from the angel Gabriel to Mary announcing God’s plan for her life.
Praying the Angelus prayer is unique because we say it at specific times of the day, bringing our minds and hearts to Christ throughout the day.
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The Rosary.

The deep purpose of the rosary is to meditate upon scenes from the life of Christ and Mary, which we refer to as “mysteries”.
There are four series of these mysteries: the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful, and Glorious mysteries.
Each of these series has five mysteries within it, each corresponding with one set, or decade, of ten Hail Mary’s.
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