Session 3:

The Desert

Exodus 12:1-14

Even though God had saved his people from the cruel Egyptians, the Israelites quickly forgot and did not trust God.

God continued to take care of his people, but the people forgot that all of their blessings were from God.

Moses was unable to convince the people that God would not abandon them, so he asked God to act.

Each time Moses asked for something they needed;

God performed a great miracle so that the people would come to trust in him as their Lord.

In the desert the people were without food and water.

Instead of believing that God would provide, they complained that they had no food.

So each morning God miraculously sent manna (bread) from Heaven to feed the people.

God always provided enough manna for the Israelites to eat.

In order to get the people to trust in God, he told them only to take enough manna for each day.

After some time they became bored with the manna and they demanded meat. The people were not grateful that they had food.

Again Moses interceded with God who sent them quail, a small bird, so they would have meat.

Again the people complained, they wanted water straight away or they would refuse to continue to follow Moses.

Moses again interceded with God and was told to tell the rock to give water.

Moses struck the rock and immediately water came out from the rock.