Jesus fulfilled the Exodus

Session 5:

Promised Land

Numbers 13:27-13:9

Baptism of Jesus

All are called to new life through the waters of Baptism.

Jesus himself was baptized to show us how important Baptism is.

The crossing of the Red Sea  to free Israel from the slavery of Egypt prepares us to be free from sin through Baptism.


Jesus in the Desert:

By trusting in God we become children of God.

We learn to be grateful for what we do have ,
knowing God our Father will always provide for His children.

Sermon on the Mount:

The commandments are a light offered to every person to know how God wants us to live.

Jesus is the one who fulfilled God’s Law completely.
He gives his Spirit freely to those who love God and want to live by his Law.

Through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit we can receive the grace we need to follow God’s Laws.

Jesus the true Lamb:

Jesus is the true Passover Lamb,
Who gave Himself for us.

God provides food for our souls by giving us Jesus in the Eucharist.
Jesus is the Bread of Life.

The manna from heaven that fed the Israelites in the desert prepares us to understand that in the Eucharist Jesus is the Bread of Life.
This is the greatest miracle.

The Resurrection:

God our Father, raised Jesus from the dead as a guarantee for us that we are forgiven.

By fulfilling the Exodus in His flesh,
Jesus opened the gates of Heaven for all humanity.